What are the classifications and functions of anchor bolts?


1、 Classification of foundation anchor bolts

According to the strength of the facilities, the size of the equipment and the conditions of use, the selected anchor bolts are also different. 

The classification of anchor bolts can be roughly divided into fixed anchor bolts, movable anchor bolts, expansion anchor bolts and bonded anchor bolts; According to the shape, it can be divided into: L-shaped embedded bolt, 9-shaped embedded bolt, U-shaped embedded bolt, welded embedded bolt and baseplate embedded bolt; The commonly used foundation bolts are mainly divided into embedded type, bite type and movable type according to their fastening methods.

2、 Function of foundation anchor bolt

1. Pour the cement slurry and other objects into the foundation bolt and pour the cement and other objects on the ground to fix the equipment to avoid strong vibration and impact.
2. The movable anchor bolt is a removable anchor bolt, which can fix large machinery and equipment with strong vibration and impact; Expansion anchor anchor bolts are used to fix relatively simple and portable equipment and auxiliary equipment in a static state.
3. The anchor bolt is a widely used general equipment and also a small piece used to fix simple equipment.
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