Two methods for surface cleaning of stainless steel castings.


In general, the surface cleaning of stainless steel castings is divided into dry and wet two categories, dry cleaning method is mainly shot blasting, wet cleaning method is mainly a little solution hydraulic sand cleaning, water sand cleaning, the following by Weifang Kailong Pump Co., Ltd. to introduce the dry class and wet class of these two large stainless steel castings surface cleaning method for your reference.

Dry cleaning method is to clean the surface of stainless steel castings based on shot blasting friction treatment, shot blasting treatment is simply to compressed air as a power, let the projectile at a certain speed spray to the surface of stainless steel castings, remove the surface of the sand and oxide, but this friction cleaning method due to low efficiency, cleaning uneven, poor effect and other reasons, Has been adopted by many manufacturers, has been almost obsolete.

The wet reason method is mainly based on the principle of electrohydraulic hammer effect. The high voltage pulse generator is discharged between phases through special electrodes placed in water to produce large hydraulic impact. Because the elastic modulus and vibration frequency of the surface adhesion of stainless steel castings are different, the purpose of sand cleaning can be achieved. It has more effective cleaning effect for stainless steel castings with complex shape, such as deep hole, blind hole and inner cavity. It is the most widely used surface cleaning method for a series of stainless steel castings.

The above are two common methods of cleaning the surface of stainless steel castings, need to remind you here, these two cleaning methods are not only for stainless steel castings, the vast majority of metal castings products in the process of processing molding are required to clean the surface, is an indispensable process in metal castings products, for the surface cleaning, * The main role is to remove a series of impurities such as sand and oxide sheet on the surface of metal castings, so that the surface of stainless steel castings becomes stainless steel metal luster, to meet the implementation standards of the product, so the surface of stainless steel castings cleaning is very important, we must follow the correct method when cleaning the surface of stainless steel castings. To ensure the quality of stainless steel castings.

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