Ductile Iron Gearbox Housing
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Ductile Iron Gearbox Housing

Ningbo Supreme Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional Ductile Iron Gearbox Housing manufacturer and supplier in China.
We produce Grey Iron, Ductile Iron and Steel Castings for Automotive, truck and bus parts; mining industrial components, Train and High Speed Rail accessories, Marine and ship parts, Oil & gas industrial parts, Sport casting parts, Municipal Engineering, etc

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Product Description

The ductile iron gearbox housing acts as the lubricant reservoir, and a shaft-driven oil pump pressurizes the oil.

Gearbox housing is a protective casing which surrounds the components of a gearbox, providing physical protection and mechanical support for them.

Product Details

Item Name

Ductile Iron Gearbox Housing


Ductile iron

AISI 60-40-18/65-45-12/ 70-50-5/80-60-3


ISO 400-18/450-10/500-7/600-3



Production Process

Sand casting,Coated sand casting,Shell mold casting,Lost foam casting ,V- process,Centrifugal casting,Ceramic Casting,etc.


CNC machining center, CNC lathe

Casting tolerance


Machining tolerance

+/- 0.005mm,ISO2768-mk



Heat treatment

Thermal refining,Induction hardening,ADI

Unit weight




Production Experience

More Than Twenty Years


ISO9001, TS16949,ISO1400,RoHS


Plating,Painting,Powder Coating, Shoot Blasting,etc.

Quality control


Certificates for all requirements

Test reports for every delivery

Production Process

We have updated our production line for making ductile iron gearbox housing. Our production process include resin sand molding line, shell molding line, green sand casting and lost wax investment casting production process.

Machining Workshop

We have full set line of machining facilities, various CNC equipment and Machining Center can meet customers’ requirements. After machining, the casting parts will be completed. Then, they will be inspected and packed for delivery and shipment.

Quality Control

Checking the raw material after they reach our factory------- Incoming quality control

Checking the details before the production line operated

Have full inspection and routing inspection during mass production---In process quality control

Checking the goods after they are finished---- Final quality control

Checking the goods after they are finished-----Outgoing quality control

Packing and Delivery

Packaging of ductile iron gearbox housing can be customized based on customer requirements to meet the different needs, such as plastic bag, carton box, wooden case, crate, etc.

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